Every child has that one figure in their life who made a large imprint on their heart — for me, it was my Nina Jody. Some of my earliest memories of Jody are of her sharing her childhood stories with me. These were stories about her parents and grandparents, and their strength and resilence as those who have lived through the holocaust. Jody always wore jewelry and often had stories about the pieces she was wearing and how they were passed down to her. 

When I was eighteen, she gifted me my first piece of jewelry, a small gold necklace. I remember distinctly that this was when my passion sparked. Experiencing an everyday object being transformed by both the meaning of the gift and the person behind it made a lasting impact on me. To this day, when I look at that necklace, so many of my cherished memories with my Nina Jody flash in my mind.  

WHXTE is fine jewelry with feeling — timeless yet contemporary pieces that will become family heirlooms of their own, with designs unique enough to take on the personality of those who wear them. For me, fine jewelry is both the cherry on top of your outfit and a physical reminder of the memories we want to play back the most.

Your forever friend,

Aisha Marshall